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Website is not available Inside the Wintrust Arena, the Celebration Stage will host the main events, including intimate conversations with a star-studded list of soon-to-be-announced special guests, live events, and panels held live from Friday through Monday. Over on the Galaxy and Behind-the-Scenes stages, enjoy conversations with the masters behind the epic stories we know and love, celebrity guest appearances, and other legends and creators behind the movies, television shows, toys, books, comics and more.

This stage is by the fans, for the fans, and all about having fun. There are also special stages devoted to collectors, podcasters, writers and other masters of their craft.

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Are there any coupon codes for celebration tickets?. Star Wars Directory, News, Info and Interviews | GalacticBinder» Star Wars Coupon Codes And Discounts. Star Wars Celebration VII Below, you'll find current coupon codes and active discounts from a galaxy of Star Wars retailers. Code. Discount. Expires. Last Confirmed. Comments. Not Required, Save Up to 50%.

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Topics Episode VII: View all Entertainment Weekly Sites. Star Wars rumors: June 7, — Yet another sign of Star Wars Celebration-mania: In less than 48 hours, both the five-day Adult and five-day Kid tickets to Celebration Chicago were gone.

Rumors and Musings on the Future (and Sometimes the Past) of Star Wars

While the multi-day passes have always sold out, fans took it as an article of faith they could wait several pay periods — even months — before taking the plunge. At Celebration Orlando , the four-day pass went on sale May 25, , and was sold out by Dec.

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Apparently not. Chicago is the most populous city in the American Midwest. Both the city and its suburbs are home to over 9. One of the largest if not the largest percentages of Celebration attendees are expected to hail from the Midwest due to proximity, ease of transportation and pent-up demand. This map from the U. The last time the Midwest hosted a Celebration was in in Indiana. After 14 years of drought, you would expect a lot of pent-up demand from local Star Wars enthusiasts.

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By contrast, the lower population center of Greater Orlando had the privilege of hosting Celebration in , and Similarly, California was the host in Los Angeles and Anaheim. With the exception of the VIP tickets, all other tickets did not sell out as quickly in Florida or California. Add in Canadian visitors population: Growing Attendance at All Conventions: Less than 10 years ago, when Orlando hosted Celebration in and , you could easily walk in and out of the Celebration store and purchase what you wanted.

Not anymore. Anaheim , London , and Orlando all saw long lines, long waits and many frustrated fans denied the opportunity to purchase even the simple things — logo patches, pins, convention T-shirts — unless they arrived early in the first day or two. Disney and Lucasfilm may be victims of their own success. The result is a new generation of Star Wars fans, the re-awakening of older fans who might have wandered off, and now intense interest in all things related to Star Wars. And hopefully, organizer ReedPOP will be ready and able to efficiently manage crowd flow.

Social Media: Read a trade rag or subscribe to a local fanzine. Looking for a vintage figure? Visit your local comic book store or scour yard sales, garage sales and flea markets. Information was hard to come by, and the ability to organize anything was prehistoric by Age of the Internet standards. But not anymore.

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Sat, 13 Apr at TBD. The Celebration website points out that in addition to the hours posted above, some events such as movie screenings will continue after-hours until After you enter the Star Wars Celebration offer, the savings will automatically be deducted from your total to the left on the screen. Show Disney. Once your GROUP letter is announced, proceed to the photos ops booth for queuing, where your ticket will be scanned.

The flood of instant information and, to a degree, the frenzy for Star Wars has been abetted in large part by social media. The Internet and its social platforms can be both a curse and a blessing at the same time. Case in point: Hurry, get those last tickets!

Are the Ticket Prices Too Low? While not an insignificant amount, the multi-day ticket prices are quite the bargain. The Celebration website points out that in addition to the hours posted above, some events such as movie screenings will continue after-hours until To express it another way: Many consumers intuitively knew this to be a bargain, and thus the rapid-fire purchase of tickets.

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